Fitness, sports performance or injury rehabilitation


Do you want a solid understanding of Pilates principles?

Do you understand the importance of good core control and the benefit this can have on injury prevention, rehabilitation of spinal and peripheral injuries, and performance?

Do you include a component of this in your current program or exercise plan?

I am a qualified mat and equipment-based Clinical Pilates Instructor and can teach you, or review, the foundations of Clinical Pilates. We can also work with you to develop a progressive gym or home-based program to assist you in meeting your health or performance needs.  The programs offered range from very specific targeted Clinical Pilates programs to address specific movement limitations or injuries, to faster-paced fitness oriented programs.

For more details of our training programs, and more information on the practice see the clinic website.

Call or email me (kateoconnell@mygcphysio.com.au) to discuss your individual needs.