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Test yourself…

Have you got good control of the lower back, pelvis and hip? Test yourself with this this exercise! Good control of these three areas can decrease your risk of lower back, hip and lower limb injury. Key points: start in standing. Maintaining a natural curve in your lower back and level pelvis, tip forward from […]

Cross training is the spice of life

No matter what your goals and ambitions are, it is never too late to add variety to your training. Some clients report completing the same training routine for years. Although consistency is important and it shows amazing dedication, training adaptations and gains after this time will become minimal.  Adding variety to your training can help […]

The Complexities of Chronic Groin Pain

Chronic groin pathology is most commonly related to sports that involve running, agility and repetitive kicking. In most cases, there is no visible injury. Symptoms can appear suddenly with no obvious cause or can be more gradual in onset. Males are more at risk of developing chronic groin pain with reportedly a twofold higher rate […]

Time to get riding!

Finally, warm sunny weather has hit Victoria and there’s no better way to enjoy it than on your bike!  Whether it’s a casual peddle along Beach Road, commuting to work, jumping in with a ‘Frankston express’ bunch of enjoying one of Victoria’s scenic mountains, you need to make sure your bike is set up for […]

Yet again, Triathlon season is nearly upon us!

-Don’t start or end the season with an injury, start your rehab or prehab now -Improve your performance with an evidence-based strength and conditioning program Whether you have a current injury, want to prevent an injury or improve your performance, let the qualified team at South Melbourne Physio join your journey. With a personal and […]

Melbourne’s Power House – a personal story

Did you know that Power House is one of the oldest established First Division Clubs in Victorian Rugby Union, with the first general meeting of the ‘Society’ being held in the Power House Club House on April 5 in 1933? The clubhouse on the lake was a popular venue for social occasions, including a regular Saturday night […]

Pilates, NEW to South Melbourne Physiotherapy!

Jump on it! Whether you want to improve your sports performance, fitness or health, the team at South Melbourne Physiotherapy can now help…even more! To complement their evidence-based and experienced hands-on work and in-room treatments, the clinic can set you up and walk you through an individualised injury rehabilitation or performance-based strengthening program. A comprehensive […]

Nice ad, but is it okay to push through pain?

Well the answer to this question is… it all depends! There is no easy answer when asking yourself whether to push through pain and keep going, or to pull out. The sensory system is a complex circuitry connecting the periphery with the brain. Messages travelling within this circuitry can be up or down regulated by […]