Do you have an acute injury and you’re not sure what to do before you see a physio?
Have a look at this acute injury management fact sheet. PDF

Do you need to add a strengthening component to your current program and don’t know where to start? or do you want to tailor your program to prevent injuries or meet specific goals? Come in to the clinic for an injury risk assessment, a review of your current program or to tailor your program to suit your needs. Please fill out this strength and conditioning questionnaire (PDF) and bring it to your appointment.

Have you injured your lower back and you need some quick pointers? If your pain is greatest when you stand up from sitting, worst in the mornings, bad when you cough or sneeze or after you’ve been sitting for short periods, you could have a disc irritation. Here are some useful dos and don’ts for acute lumbar disc injuries (PDF) to follow before you see your physiotherapist.

Are you pregnant, or have you just delivered, and unsure whether you should be exercising? Have a read of these useful Sports Medicine Australia factsheets; Exercise During Pregnancy (PDF), and Exercise After Pregnancy (PDF). Feel free to contact me, or make an appointment if your questions are not answered on these factsheets.

Have you ever wondered what you should be eating before, during and after you train? Sports Dietitians Australia have some great fact sheet, including; Eating and Drinking Before Sport, Eating and Drinking During Sport & Recovery Nutrition.

Ever wondered how diet can contribute to increased muscle mass? Have a read of this fact sheet by Sports Dietitians Australia; Increasing Muscle Mass