Cross training is the spice of life

No matter what your goals and ambitions are, it is never too late to add variety to your training. Some clients report completing the same training routine for years. Although consistency is important and it shows amazing dedication, training adaptations and gains after this time will become minimal. 

Adding variety to your training can help prevent physical injuries as well as mental burnout. It can also result in short and long-term performance gains by introducing new challenges to the neuro-muscular and skeletal systems. 

Variety combined with creativity in your training also puts you in charge, rather than uncontrollable factors like the weather and time restrictions. 

Mix your training up by modifying the following elements; 

  • Exercise mode
  • Intensity
  • Time of the day you train
  • Combination of training modes
  • Training setting 
  • Equipment used 
  • The order of your session

If you need suggestions on how to best modify your training to maintain consistency but with an element of variety, chat to your local Physio or pop in to the clinic.

Happy training!