COMING SOON TO BOND PHYSIOTHERPAY & SPORTS MEDICINE – expected to commence mid-August 2020. 

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Fitness, sports performance or injury rehabilitation

If your goal involves being active, staying active or moving better then our physio exercise sessions are for you.

Manual therapy such as hands-on physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic treatments can often give symptom relief and improve function, however these gains are often short-term. Physio exercise works with you to target the key contributors to dysfunction or inefficiency by retraining the body through strength training, conditioning, stretching, stability and control exercises and movement retraining. This is a great addition to any physio treatment plan. Exercises are specific to your goals, whether they are injury or performance-related.

For most people, this program also incorporates Pilates principles which trains the bodies’ stabilising system through controlled movement patterns, introducing clients to appropriate core activation. I am a qualified mat and equipment-based Clinical Pilates Instructor and can teach you, or review, the foundations of Clinical Pilates.

Through this program we can also work with you to develop a progressive gym or home-based program to assist you in meeting your health or performance needs.

For more details of our training programs, and more information on the practice see the clinic website.

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